Day 8: Week 1 Meet Free – Results & Moving Forwards?

Today has been such a busy day and for the first time I know I’m going to struggle to write a lot of words in this box in front of me even if it was Meat Free. It was a weird nights sleep followed by an early start with Teddy and Fireman Sam. Although we mixed it up a bit this morning and threw some Paw Patrol in there as well. This really was a wild start to the day!

I’m not at work Today as Teddy had a Hospital Appointment to check up on his eyesight. We also planned to get some overdue errands done as well – including a Daddy & Teddy Haircut Appointment. Hopefully keeping myself busy will deliver me from temptation and keep me Meat Free.


Week 1 Weigh In

So week 1 is over and its time to see how well the Weight Loss has gone so far on the Meat Free train. And the results are in…

Week 1: 13lbs Lost!
Total Weight Loss Since Start: -13lbs

I’m honestly speechless. I feel great. I’m enjoying all my Food. And I’m making Smart Choices. Maybe Meat Free is the prefect option for me?



In a total Zombie State I needed sustenance and it needed to be straight forward. Queue the ASDA Cereal.

ASDA Chosen By You Jungle Bites Cereal

ASDA Chosen By You Jungle Bites Cereal

I also made a point of setting up my big juice bottle as I’ve noticed I haven’t been drinking enough lately. Theoretically keeping my fluids up should stop me from snacking – this is how I plan to beat it at work anyways. I cant really tell you if I enjoyed the cereal or not.I was in a complete daze and just sat there and consumed them. Teddy however seemed to enjoy them as he always likes to share my cereal. By share I mean he has two spoonfuls and then I can have one. I love sharing my food with him – we always make a point to let him try everything. I’m convinced this is why he isnt at all fussy with food and will actually eat anything.



Not too many Snacks on today’s Meat Free adventure. We stopped in B&M this afternoon and I stumbled across a bit of my childhood.

Harvest Cheweee Bars - White Chocolate Chip

Harvest Cheweee Bars – White Chocolate Chip

These were a staple in my Lunchboxes when I was at school. And the White Chocolate Chip ones were always the best. Introduced my Little Fireman to them as well and it was turned down 🙁 I’m sure he will find them and fall in love while I’m at work!


Lunch – Must Stay Meat Free…

Shit & Fan met at Lunchtime today. In a Serious Way. We have a bit of a tradition when visiting Broomfield Hospital. It doesn’t happen very often and a treat after a hospital visit always makes you feel better.

KFC - Yes this is where my 'Meat Free' day had lead me...

KFC – Yes this is where my ‘Meat Free’ day had lead me…

I told you Shit & Fan had met. And my face was covered in it.

There was two beaming faces when the fateful KFC letters were muttered so I couldn’t tell them no.

Sitting in KFC and not eating is torture. And I ended up making it worse for myself by not seeking out an alternative straight away afterwards. I skipped Lunch for the first time in my Meat Free journey and my head has been pounding since.



Time to make up for missing out Lunch my stomach was telling me. All the Foods was going through my head. But Willpower prevailed and I kept it reasonable.

Spring Onion, Mushroom, Soya Beans, Cheese & Paprika Omelette

Spring Onion, Mushroom, Soya Beans, Cheese & Paprika Omelette

Quick Fact: Omelette game is on point. Loved this one and will eat it again. Not to much to say other than – If you haven’t added Paprika to your Omelette before, you are really really missing out!

24 Meals down – 66 to go!!!