Day 7: Seeing the First Challenge Week Out

So here it is, the end of the First Challenge Week. I’m feeling great, got lots of energy and seem to have adopted a really positive outlook. Until I left for work and spent 25 minutes queuing to get too and from the petrol station. I don’t get why there is always so much traffic around our way in the morning. Its like everyone in the town decided to use the roads at the same time. On the same day. In the first Week of me wanting to keep Stress down and challenges to Willpower low. Especially when there’s a Mcdonalds at the Petrol Station…


Yazoo Chocolate Milkshake

Unfortunately due to the stressy journey to work I had slipped into a fridge in the Petrol Station and a Milkshake fell into my hands. I couldn’t put it back however as I was in a rush so I had to pay for it and drink it… Leave me along I’ve had a really good Week!



Ill admit now I’m starting to struggle with Breakfast. I’m really bad and will quite happily be going without it normally but I know that this isnt a good idea when trying to focus Willpower and hopefully loose weight this Week.

Strawberries with Tesco Low Fat Mixed Berry Yogurt - Strawberry Flavor

Strawberries with Tesco Low Fat Mixed Berry Yogurt – Strawberry Flavor

I know I cant go wrong with Strawberries & Yogurt however. Surprisingly these Strawberry flavor yogurts were much better than the other ones and I didn’t actually mind them. I wont however be buying them again as the other 4 pots would be going straight into the bin. Ill have to find some other Vegetarian safe Yogurts instead – feel free to send me any suggestions! I think my goal for Next Week needs to be working on some better Breakfasts.


Cake Club

So I guess now would be a good time to confess to quite a serious sin. At work we have a little group called Cake Club. All the members take it in turns to bake a Cake and the others get to enjoy it. Unfortunately this needs a leader. Someone to be organised and keep order. A Cake Master if you will. Because Cake is a VERY serious thing. After the passing of or previous Cake Master (May his bakes forever rise) the baton was handed to me.

Under my reign Cake Club has grown and become and ever more entertaining place. I’ve started writing stories / poems for the group every week similar to The King of Yellow Stickers ones to celebrate each cake and its baker. Here’s a few of the best ones so far…

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

I sing of a maiden
As fair as she is strong
Whos light shine upon the people
Little could she do wrong!

Darkth the day grew
The Banquet laid bare
A mock was a foot
For little cake were there

Hark the people cried!
Who shall bake!
Crippled by a Wednesday
Wednesday doth mean cake

Into battle she rode
That maiden fair and strong
To bring peace to the land
And so one wrote this song…

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫


Alas our brave king wept
Crashed in the heat
In the land of meeting room 1
He thought he was beat

Without a break in sight
Our King soldiered on
No matter what he said
Iddigi could do no wrong

Then finally our King was free
Returning to the lands
Of cake and glee

Oh what a joyous day!
Hark the people sing
For Fair Maiden Greta
Had brought some top cake in

Much cake was had
Yet much cake was left
Praise be to Greta
Because she was the best!


Today was Jamie’s next turn and he treated us all to a fabulous Oreo Cake that all Cake Club Members enjoyed. We even had some left over which was offered out to Non-Members for £1 a slice and It all got sold as well 🙂

Jamie's 'Oreo' Cake

Jamie’s ‘Oreo’ Cake



Even though I had a decent Breakfast and some good cake I was really hungry at lunch time and ended up eating it earlier than normal.

Tesco Taco Mix Beans And Mexican Sauce with Salad

Tesco Taco Mix Beans And Mexican Sauce with Salad

I’m slowly becoming obsessed with these Taco Beans however I’ve noticed varying levels of heat from can to can. In this instance it was pretty bloody spicy and I’m sure I’m going to regret it later!





Never had these before and was curious as to how they would taste. On a Yellow Sticker and you can’t go wrong. I’d find the taste difficult to describe however. It was a bit like a Plum but also like a Giant Grape. Enjoyable but not really much to write home about. I think if I saw them on a Yellow Stick again I’d pick them up but I wouldn’t be adding them to my weekly shopping list.


Quinoa Chips – Sundried Tomato and Roasted Garlic Flavor

The second bag of ‘Healthy Chips’ I picked up recently and probably my favorite of the 2. At 70p its quite an expensive bag of crisps but I was impressed with the amount in the bag. Opening a bag of Walker Crisps these days is just full of disappointment. But you don’t get that with these. If you don’t like a lot of flavor on your crisps I would avoid these. They have a very strong taste that lingered around for quite a while. All in all 7/10 would buy again but please let it be on offer!



Quorn Pasta Bolognese with Garlic Bread

Quorn Pasta Bolognese with Garlic Bread

Well this is a moment for the record books. I had managed to convince Michaela to try the Quorn mince in a Bolognese and keep the recipe Vegetarian Friendly. With a few tips on alternatives to Beef Sock Cubes and other extras she might be able to add I honestly didn’t know how well Dinner was going to go. I’m incredibly proud of her for trying these new things, It isnt easy when your fussy with food and shes really supporting me in this Challenge.

This dinner was great. My final words were “I could quite happily eat this every time we have Bolognese”. I’m pretty sure the health benefits of this meal vs the meaty version must be worth the swap. The taste was pretty good as well. Even though there wasn’t a lot of pasta it wasn’t such a bad thing as it just meant less carbs.

What I need to do know is look for more recipes using the Quorn Mince as its actually really good!


Even more Exercise for This Week

Wednesday Night Run - HIT and walking until I Made It Home!

Wednesday Night Run – HIT and walking until I Made It Home!

Trying to keep my body in constant fucking shock I decided to throw a bit more exercise at it tonight. Did as many interval runs as I could and then finished off walking for a cool down. Stopped in Tesco as well to grab some drinks so even had some extra ballast.

21 Meals Down – 69 to go!!!