Day 6: Getting into the Right Mindset

Day 6 – I’m starting to get into the Right Mindset and actually am not tempted by the offers of ‘trips to the pub for Burgers’ or surplus meaty goods. Surprised? I am!

Woke up this morning and noticed I wasn’t as groggy as normal, I had woken up in the night and ended up on Youtube (I watch an awful lot of videos) so was expecting to regret it in the morning. I’ve grown especially fond of Boogie2988 recently, his videos are always well produced, his content is always on point and he really comes across as one of the greatest guys on Youtube. He has very quickly become my Favorite YouTuber. Fully recommend checking his channel out, especially his rambling videos, and getting yourself subscribed! 🙂



Tesco Frozen Summer Fruits and 2 Tesco Low Fat Berry Medley Yogurts

Tesco Frozen Summer Fruits and 2 Tesco Low Fat Berry Medley Yogurts

Frozen Fruit – – Yogurts

Going back to my Healthy Breakfast roots in an attempt to get the Right Mindset for the day on meal 1. Normally I would have a Muller Light Yogurt but having recently found out they are NOT Vegetarian Friendly – they have been substituted. I honestly wont be buying these Tesco ones again, finding them very bland and not a massive fan of the texture. The Frozen Fruit is great, albeit the blackcurrants can be really really sour, and I will continue to eat these by the bucket full.


Lunch -Trying to keep the Right Mindset Going!

While eating my Lunch today I was looking around at promoting this blog or generating some traffic. After looking at a lot of rubbish sites I stumbled upon the Growtraffic website. I read a lot of their blog pages and it helped me to understand some of the errors I was about to make and some better ways to move forward. Definitely worth a read and finding out whats a waste of your time.

Tesco Quinoa And Cauliflower Cous Cous

Tesco Quinoa And Cauliflower Cous Cous

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella - Salad with Coleslaw - Quinoa And Cauliflower Cous Cous

Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella – Salad with Coleslaw – Quinoa And Cauliflower Cous Cous

Ristorante Pizza – – Quinoa & Cauliflower Cous Cous

I love this Pizza… Having managed to convince myself to only eat half a Pizza last night. I can now see 2 advantages to this. Its healthier. And It lasts longer. As In I can eat it for lunch as well 🙂

The other highlight of this meal was the Cous Cous. The Yellow Sticker King (more on this in another post later) struck success when we visited Tesco the night before and grabbed some mega bargains. A couple of pots of ‘Bistro Salad’ with Carrot & Beetroot and then this little pot of Awesome. All for 10p each! The taste was not as bland as I thought It would be and really brought the salad to life. I would 100% buy this again and would pay full price for it as well.

For those Eagle Eyed readers there is a small squirt of Low Fat Garlic Mayo as well -because why not!



Wooo the Snacks didnt come out today till after lunch – my plan for keeping the Right Mindset this morning worked. Now I just need to work on getting from Lunch to Dinner without any Snacks and we will be golden.

Tesco Falafel And Houmous Snack Pot

Tesco Falafel And Houmous Snack Pot

Whitworths Shots - Blueberry & Seed - Raisin & Chocolate - Fruity Biscuit

Whitworths Shots – Blueberry & Seed – Raisin & Chocolate – Fruity Biscuit

Falafel & Houmous – – Blueberry & Seed Shot – – Raisin & Chocolate Shot – – Fruity Biscuit Shot

I wont be buying the Falafel & Houmous Snack Pot thingy again. Even if its on offer. I thought 30p for this was going to be my best buy in a while, given how much I’m enjoying Falafel at the minute. But compared to the Cauldron Falafel this is utter tosh. I only ate one and threw the rest away. Next.

Back to the ever faithful Whitworths Shots again. Pretty sure I’ve tried most of these by now. The Fruity Biscuit ones were the stand out star here and will be going straight in my basket in the next shop. (We both know you just read it in that voice!)

I do feel like I need to find some different snacks though as it has been pointed out to me its getting a bit samey samey…



My Super Fiance cooked dinner tonight and boy was it a good one!

Lettuce Leaf Fajitas with Mixed Taco Beans & Wholemeal Rice

Lettuce Leaf Fajitas with Mixed Taco Beans & Wholemeal Rice

Mixed Taco Beans

This was simply amazing. We’ve had this as a dinner before but never without Meat. On the way home from work I called ahead to see what was cracking and was faced with a very dangerous decision. “Shall I add a can of these Mixed Taco Beans to it?” My stomach instantly screamed yes. These Beans Are The Nuts. But my head remembered how fussy she can be with food and I didn’t want to ruin dinner. I moved the decision on from my hands and rushed home to see what I would find.

The beans were added. The dinner was top. I need to eat this again.


Exercise – Still in the Right Mindset…

We both decided that going for a walk was a good idea tonight – Teddy Loves it, we can play Pokemon Go, and its always better to be exercising rather than sitting in front of the TV. For some reason it seems to be really bloody humid at the moment and I think its a bit nuts for September to be honest. We made sure to go the ‘long way’ to Tesco and back to get some extra distance in. A Total of 3.06 KM covered, which isnt that far, but its still better than nothing and if we keep it up regular it will all help!

At the moment I’m trying Runkeeper for all my exercise tracking. It seems to be a really well rounded App and Experience. Give it a try 🙂

15 Meals down – 75 to go!!!!  :mrgreen: