Day 4: More Eggs Than The Easter Bunny

I woke up this morning grumpy and I had a really weird dream about Eggs. The biggest problem was the shit nights sleep I had had. The second problem was I didn’t get any Ribs at TGI Fridays last night… But my Little Monster wanted to get up and skip the ‘lay in’ I thought he was going to have. We headed into The Boys Den, as that’s what Boys do on the Weekend, but as soon as I got comfy I was told it was time to go downstairs for Breakfast.




Scrambled Egg on Toast (With Ketchup!)

After some really weird dream about Eggs where I seemed to have limitless supply. I had obviously woken up still believing that as today was all about Eggs. Can’t remember the last time I had Scrambled Egg but I’ve still got the touch. 3 Eggs, splash of Milk, pinch of salt and a Crap Ton of Pepper. Tidy!



The Snacks came out early today, even though I had Eggs and I thought they would fill me up. Breakfast was still really early though!

ASDA Good & Counted Caramel Rice Cakes

ASDA Good & Counted Caramel Rice Cakes

My search for the Perfect Rice Cake continues – these are okay. Lets say 6.5/10. Don’t get me wrong the Caramel taste was really nice but it lasted all of about 18 nano-seconds. Which just left plain Rice Cake – not that this was a bad thing as it kept me down to only eating 3



I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be eating Falafel & Houmous a lot so I thought I’d show you what we are dealing with.

Tesco Healthy Living Reduced Fat Houmous Stacker 3X70G

Tesco Healthy Living Reduced Fat Houmous Stacker 3X70G

This handy little stacker does 3 very good things.

  1. Keep portion size down because DAMN are they tasty
  2. Give me 3 different flavors to play with
  3. Because they are in individual pots, you dont end up with nasty looking Houmous because you didn’t eat it all quick enough


Cauldron Falafel

Cauldron Falafels

These bad boys, as mentioned yesterday, are the shiznit. 8 in a Box makes for a couple of handy portions. Pretty sure these are going to be turbo charging my salads for a while!



Back onto the Salad for Lunch today – teamed with the Falafel and Sweet Chilli Houmous from above. Guest staring some pretty good Coleslaw and Mediterranean Cous Cous.


Dinner – More Eggs!

We’ve been so busy today with cleaning and sorting through mountains of toys today. For some reason this has made me really really tired. I really dislike having a nap too late in the day as I know I wont go to bed at a decent time because of it. But after a 50 minute nap I woke up in a better mood and hungry.

Spring Onion & Mushroom Paprika Omlette

Spring Onion & Mushroom Paprika Omelette

I couldn’t decide what to eat tonight, there was a new box of ‘Shreddies’ that was playing on my mind but it isnt really going to fill me up.

Queue this mega Omelette. Sticking to the Crazy Dream of Eggs I went full beans and put 4 Eggs in this Bad Boy. Spring Onion, Mushroom & Cheese appeared as well and dashes of Paprika for some extra flavor. Man this was good.

I couldn’t resist the call of the ‘Shreddies’ however and might have slipped into a bowl of them. At least I now know how fucking awesome they are.

So I go back to work tomorrow, I’m looking forward to seeing what Challenges are in store this week. Both with Work and resisting the lure of Meat, Alcohol or even just bad food. I might have accidentally got on the scales today even though I promised I would only do it at the end of every week. But things are looking good!

12 Meals Down – 78 to go!!!  😎