Day 3: Weekend + TGI Fridays – Ribs = Happy Me?

Day 3 and the Weekend Begins – this is where I’m expecting Shit & Fan to meet… I already knew that Dinner was going to be a challenge as we would be out for a family birthday. So planned to make extra effort during the day and keep my Motivation up. Also planned to keep my Weekend as busy as possible.



A 9am lay in is a God send when you have a 2 year old. I’ve been working hard and not sleeping great anyway this week so words cannot describe how much it probably helped.

ASDA Chosen By You Choco Balls Cereal
ASDA Chosen By You Choco Balls Cereal

Surprised at how little sugar are in these compared to the other Chocolate based cereals. It’s the Weekend and I’m going to enjoy myself and this was not a bad start!



After climbing through the hoards of stuff in our garage I was hungry. It’s getting to the tale end of the year and bootsale season is almost over. Time for one last hurrah and get someone to buy our crap! We had also been into Tesco & Morrisons and walking out with nothing for me was an achievement. I’d already planned my Lunch in my head and I wanted to stick to it.

Falafel, Mediterranean Cous Cous & a side salad with Spring Onion, Mushrooms and Tomatoes plus a helping of Caramelised Onion Humus

Cauldron Falafel, Mediterranean Cous Cous & a side salad with Spring Onion, Mushrooms and Tomatoes plus a helping of Caramelised Onion Houmous

Man I’m getting into Humus (Houmous, Hummus – who actually knows how to spell this word?!). 3 days in a row and still looking for more.

Normally on a Weekend I’ll actually not bother to eat Breakfast or Lunch and then over eat Dinner & Snacks.

But back to the main attraction – I’m a moderate fan of Falafel, normally will pick some up if I have a Morrisons Salad. But these bad boys from ASDA were amazing! Even the other half liked them and she isn’t a Falafel fan. I really enjoyed this and I’m starting to get a lot of satisfaction in sticking to plan and avoiding temptation.


Snacking – Only once today!

Because I’ve been so busy today I’ve managed to keep the snacking right down to a single occurrence.


Nakd Fruit Salad Fruit & Nut Nibbles

My previous experiences with the Nakd brand hasn’t been the best. I distinctly remember being given some Strawberry bar thing to try and spitting it straight out.

These were interesting to say the least. I ate them and I’m still not 100% sure how I felt about them. I’m pleased it was sweet enough to hit that spot something naughty normally would.


Dinner – Help! It’s the Weekend and I’m in Meat Eaters Heaven!

So I found myself sat in TGI Fridays on a Saturday night having driven and on a ‘no meat’ challenge. Fuck where did I go wrong 😂



Houmous drizzled with BBQ sauce, served with warm garlic pita and tortilla chips.

The Houmous Ninja strikes again! This was EPIC and I enjoyed it so much. I’m already loving that this is forcing me to try things I wouldn’t normally have. There’s a 98% chance I would have ordered something in the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce normally. Probably Chicken. Mmmmm Chicken…



A veggie sandwich of crispy coated mushrooms, grilled eggplant and Mozzarella. Served with tomato & basil sauce and garlic mayo.

Wow I wasn’t expecting this. The sandwich had Mushrooms, Aubergine, Onion, Tomato & Garlic Mayo in it and came with Salsa & I treated myself to some Vegetarian safe fries! I loved this so much I’d actually consider having it again, even if it meant missing out on the Ultimate Jack Daniels Ribs 🙈 There once was a time I could destroy a whole rack of ribs with a Starter and a Dessert plus maybe a Cocktail (or 4)… Times they be a changing!

I managed to dodge the Desserts so I’m not only happy with the Weekends Vegetarian action so far but also not done too bad on the Calorie front – certainly a lot better than I normally would have 👑

9 Meals down – 81 to go!!! 🏆