Day 1: A Hungry Start & Day Dreaming of Burgers!

So lets get something out there straight away – I’m no small guy and I get Hungry and sometimes ‘Hangry’. After An awful weigh in last night I woke up this morning fully expecting to be struggling with concentration while day dreaming about burgers. Low and behold it wasn’t too long into the day before someone at work mentioned it was Burger Friday tomorrow – something of a Tradition in our workplace. Queue the Burger menu scrolling through my head of the pub we normally go to trying to remember if there was a Vegetarian option on it. Half way through Day 1 and I’m already Day Dreaming of Burgers…



Having followed Slimming World for a while, to some varied success, I fell in love with having Muller Light Yogurts with fruit for Breakfast. This was going to be my Breakfast plan for the challenge – until I found out last night that Muller Light Yogurts are not Vegetarian Friendly! Big shock already, the idea that something I’ve been eating for a long time and would have automatically assumed is Vegetarian simply isnt is actually quite worrying… Just what is in our food, what am I putting in my body and what am I actually giving to my Son is a few of the questions now pulsing around my brain.

Queue the substitute!

Tesco Low Fat Cherry Yogurt & Frozen Mixed Berries

Tesco ‘Low Fat’ Cherry Yogurt to the rescue! I would normally wait for the Frozen Berries to thaw a bit but was getting hungry so they went into the microwave for 30 seconds and Breakfast was demolished.

Still Hungry…


Snacking (Boy am i Hungry…)

Two of the biggest issues I currently have with Food in general is Portion Control and Snacking. They are secret goals to try and curb while doing this challenge but I know I’m better of chipping away at it slowly otherwise ill end up failing.

Tesco Tropical Seedless Grapes  Whitworths Shots

Today I’ve chosen some Tropical Seedless Grapes & some Whitworths Shots – I tend to pick at food while I’m working so something I can grab with my fingers is a great idea.

2:30PM and I’m already down to 1 Shot left, perhaps I need to choose snacks that aren’t so tasty!



During a Work Day I will normally try and push Lunch out to about 1PM as it breaks the day up nicer and gives you a shorter Afternoon stint. Today I was struggling to curb the urge to let loose early but dove into some Balsamiq work in an effort to make it.

Tesco Egg Rice & Tesco Taco Mixed Beans

Chicken/Meat & Rice is my standard go to Lunch – with the amount of variants available at the moment its always cheap, tasty and easy to switch up if your getting bored. So today I thought I would have a crack at making a Vegetarian version. Enter Tesco Taco Mixed Beans, I’ve had these before but never as the main part of a meal. They are surprisingly saucy and with just enough heat quite enjoyable, combined with the Egg Rice I had no complaints. Lunch didn’t last long but the first Vegetarian Lunch was definitely tasty!



This evening we did our ‘weekly’ shop and it was decided that ASDA would be our destination. In my mind ASDA represents the middle road between Cost, Quality & Interesting food. ALDI is was my favorite Supermarket but I’ve noticed rising prices of late and its increased popularity makes it a hell of a lot busier!

Ill hold my hands up and say I struggle when we go shopping. I’m always adding up money in my head and make decisions based on how much the shop is currently costing vs how far we are around the Supermarket. It causes arguments and I really try not too but its something I always battle with.

I’d say tonight’s shop was one of the best we’ve done in ages. Coming in at £61.40 we were both pleasantly surprised that we had managed to grab enough Food to make a similar number, if not more, meals than we normally would. Even more so was it impressive as we were both Hungry and we all know that going Shopping when you are Hungry is the worst thing you could do! Plus it was easily the cheapest shop we had done in a long time, if not ever. And on top of that – everything was Vegetarian Friendly 🙂

What was that noise? My belly was getting angry – Dinner needed to hurry up…



Pretty straight forward tonight, I knew from previous experience that some Ristorante PIzza are Vegetarian. I had practically lived off them years before when I had previously tried a Vegetarian challenge.

Pizza & Salad

Teamed with a dash of friendly Salad and some Garlic Dough Balls all this meal need was a little ‘sauce’. That’s when The Yellow Sticker King sniped a bargain and some pots of Humus were secured for the luxury price of 25p. More on The Yellow Sticker King in a future post! Sun Blushed Tomato Humus atop my salad I can safely say I really enjoyed this dinner.

3 Meals down, feeling good and pretty happy with my smart choices today. And then Dessert happened…

Tesco Finest Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding

I’m normally a Chocolate dessert kinda guy but after recently doing a Tasting Session for our Wedding Caterers I’ve developed a taste for more. Tesco Finest Stick Toffee Sponge Pudding is to die for. Having had a few (too many) recently, I can personally pass on this recommendation with zero hesitation. Pop it in the oven for 10 minutes and hey presto your in heaven. And who knew – its Vegetarian friendly too!

And that makes Day 1 over – I’m going to bed more satisfied than I thought I would be. I’ve tried some new things I never would have before. And I feel like I can make it through the month and maybe, just maybe, I might get some health benefit out of it too…