Day 0: Fresh Blog, Fresh Plans, Fresh Vegetarian

✓ Setup a new challenge to talk about – Vegetarian & No Alcohol September

✓ Cleaned out the rubbish posts & content that have been lurking since pre-2014

✓ Developed language skills and can spell more than 3 words

✓ Ready to ramble, often make no sense and probably confuse even yourself while writing

So here it goes – a chance for me to try and step into the world of blogging, ill be honest, I’m going to Ramble a lot and probably drone on about stuff that really has little significance to you. But if your willing to take the time to stop by and read then ill always be grateful.

Thursday 1st September 2016 is the first day of a new Challenge – No Alcohol & No Meat… I’m going to be a health conscious Vegetarian and I’m not allow to lean on the devils brew for a pick me up. Part of me is worried, part of me is already feeling hungry but the majority of me is raring to go and eager to see how far I can travel into the experience. I eat A LOT of meat – I was at a family BBQ on Monday and i skipped the salad / anything green and just had a plate of Meat, Bread & Cheese. So this is going to be tough but with a chance that it’ll kick start my weight loss again I’m going to give it a go!

I visited Tesco tonight to get some Vegetarian Safe supplies and 80% of what i picked up and assumed would be Vegetarian friendly wasn’t. From Yogurts to Chunky Vegetable Soups -I’m already concerned about what has been in my food all this time and I haven’t even realized. It was at this point that I decided maybe I should record this experience as I really didn’t think I would be in shock on Day 0!

Lets see what Day 1 has in store…